Entertaining Brothers in Peach Blossom Spring

The universe is the destinations of the life, as time passes through hurriedly. But death to life, is like dreaming to dreaming which fluctuates diversely. So are there many joys belong to us?
Holding candles, the ancients enjoyed themselves in the darkness. There  must be something with happiness.
Blooming spring summons me, as the nature sends beautiful scenery to me. Coinciding with peach blossom out, we could have fun together and confirm out family ties, with my brothers who are both gentleman-like and had great creative literary talent. we chanted poems, enjoyed the scenery and talked happily, but it became silent before ended. Then we started to hold a casual banquet with flowers surrounding among the bright moonlight, until filled up with good wine.
Without great poems, is there any ways to express our emotions?
If you diverse from the poetic ways, just drink with three cups for penalty by yourself.

【附】原文: 春夜宴从弟桃花园序