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relevance – connection
readiness willing 愿意
in readiness for 准备就绪
at any given time 在任何给定的时间
abound – abundant
pronounce – pronunciation
in a sense 就某种意义来说
scrupulous 细心的 严谨的
come by – obtain
damp down (the panic) – calm down
be stricken with (disease) – 受XX病折磨
adj.+”-“+stricken adj. intensely
confine sth.A to sth.B 限制A在B
0:considerable – 可观的
1:considering – 考虑到conj.
2:considerate – 体贴的 周到的 thoughtful
impetuous – impulsive
account for – 占多大比重/对……合理的解释
sustainable development 可持续发展
in that case 既然那样
A:inferi’ority 下属n.
B:in’ferior 自卑的 下等的
0:intensify 增强v.
1:intensification 强化n.
2:intense 强烈的adj.
3:intensive 集中的adj.
4:intensity 强度n.

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