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When Marcelo’s father is nearly beyond constraint, Marcelo darts into his own quickly. Last night he played a football game and  suffered fatigue,  which rendered him extremely feeble until this noon. These days Marcelo pegs away at exercising for becoming a notable figure in his school football team, but his father doesn’t support his dream.

There’s a subtle relationship between Marcelo and his father. For Marcelo, his father’s orders are imperative and cannot be disobeyed any more. Sometimes he is forced to do heavy work in the field although safeguard against the exploitation of children is enacted in order to safeguard juvenile rights to be cared for. In this case, forcing children to do such heavy work is not be sanction in any form. But Marcelo’s father is not susceptible to such kind of law. He sends Marcelo to help his factory manufacture equipment without paying his son. He always says something opaque to Marcelo, but most time he is unable to articulate what he really want to express.

Time elapsing, at the end of the year Marcelo turns to 12, his family moves to their new settlement in an autonomous region, which is in proximity to a football pitch. Marcelo still pursues his dream in hot pursuit, with his father’s deep suspicion. These years his father was swamped with too much work because of decline of yield of his factory. So Marcelo has barely experienced a cozy family night.

It never rains but it pours. Marcelo’s family have to confront a periodic sequence of events lending up to the dilemma this year.

The end of this chapter.

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