These days Marcelo are reveling in gambling.

That night when he stayed awake worrying about lack of money, a merciless idea crossed his mind. He decided to rob lives of chicken near the hearth, for raking in gamble required that he must secure enough money. He rubbed his eyes and scratched his head with a furrowed brow and cocked ears and throbbing(pulsating) heart, fixing on commencing it.

It was a starry night. However, every pore of Marcelo’s body emitted a sort of terrified scent, which carried a long way from his room. Marcelo was extremely scared of imminent ‘massacre’ with a tremor in his hands. There was not a soul around him but he felt he would be chained to chicken’s souls henceforth. Wheezing wistfully, he tried to munch gum to give no heed to the imminence.

Suddenly, he dispersed the lives to the edge of the room and raked over the memory in childhood, as it were, Marcelo’s thought always jumped(skipped) from here to there. He was cross with his bosom friend until now, for once his friend had rubbed table with his favorite striped shirt, for which he is dejected about losing the card in breast pocket. He pegged down his hostility on that table and scraped it with time.

“What a strange night!” Marcelo grumbled in a gruff voice as the sun emitted the first gleam in the sky. He gathered up his scattered mood and realized that he shouldn’t scrape the bottom of the barrel in his rest life, which was going to be chained to gamble if he continued to be addicted to it. He knew to be a shrewd people means to fix attention on learning and becoming a great man during his youth, only in that case he could finally overpower all the difficulties he may meet and subjugate any mountains he want to climb.

The end of this chapter.